Blood Bikes are reliant wholly on charitable donations to continue providing this “free service”. This means that we more contributions are required to continue to operate.

Blood Bike Leinster are always looking for new sponsorship from Companies. Sponsorship can include:

  • An acknowledgement and thank you for your contribution on our website, your logo and back link to your website, a brief description of what your company does.
  • Photo opportunities with our blood bike for your corporate publicity and press while handing over the cheque.
  • If a bike is funded it will incorporating your name/logo on the bike as appropriate.
  • Other publicity measures as agreed.
  • Heffernan Tyres
    Heffernan Tyres
  • Chapmans Garage
    Chapmans Garage
  • PLS Pharma
    PLS Pharma
    Pls pharma are proud to support Blood Bike Leinster by supplying training for their riders in GDS, and safe handling of products from the Hospitals.