Blood bikes deliver a wide range of essential medical supplies daily. This ensures hospitals and healthcare facilities have the necessary resources for optimal patient care. Some of the key items that blood bikes typically deliver:

Some of the many items Blood Bikes collect or deliver.

Blood -Bags

Blood units, plasma, platelets, and other related blood products.

These deliveries are crucial for transfusions, treating bleeding disorders, and supporting patients with certain medical conditions.

blood viles
Blood Samples

Medical samples, including specimens for laboratory testing and diagnostic purposes.

These samples are essential for accurate and prompt diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring of patients’ conditions.

Human Donor Milk

We play  a vital role transporting donor breast milk Donor breast milk to NICU units nationwide.

Life – Saving Equipment:

These deliveries ensure that healthcare facilities have the necessary equipment on hand to provide prompt medical interventions.

It’s important to note that delivery times by blood bike groups may vary depending on the agreements in place with the healthcare facilities they have SLA in place with. Our primary focus is on delivering time-sensitive and critical supplies that are essential for patient care.

We operate to a very high and professional standard, we comply with all NABB and current  EU GDP Guideline 2013/C 343/01 and UN3373 HPRA GDP legislation relating to our activities, we continually monitor and update our activities as required to ensure we maintain our high standards, High-visibility and liveried vehicles means our vehicles are very visible on the road day and night, identity Cards are carried by all volunteers while on duty

Privacy Policy.

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