Blood Bike Leinster are Members of:

The Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes is a registered charity (1139714) that represents a group of established charities operating across the UK and Ireland.

NABB’s principle aims are to:

  • Aid the formation of new groups
  • Assist member groups achieve their objectives
  • Define a minimum professional operating standard for all members
  • Raise awareness / sponsorship for the benefit of all NABB members

Each NABB member performs a similar service, using motorcycles (and sometimes cars) to provide an out-of-hours ‘medical essentials’ courier service to hospitals and other health institutions within their area. The charities carry urgently needed medical items such as blood, biological samples, medical notes, x-rays and scans. The service is offered free of charge to the HSE & NHS and all members are unpaid volunteers.

The existing NABB members reach more than 85% of the Irish population and the Uk, with further expansion planned, which will extend blood bike coverage to 54 million people. Will your next journey save a life? Ours could.